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Shake it like a polaroid picture.

going old school with polaroid

we recently received a fantastic present from a friend to start a scrap/memory book as we like to travel and of course take photographs, we then received another gift which was perfect to help add more colour and memories to the scrap book a polaroid camera.

once upon a time these were quite popular and appear to be making a return, the new models are very trendy and as with everything smaller and easier to use, and the range of films complete with various styles and designs to suit the multicoloured world we now live in.

The polaroid camera is over 75 years old but are still fun to use and can give you an instant memory of special times and occasions, but even for us professional photographers sometimes the images do not quite reveal themselves as planned and unfortunately there is no photo-shopping or tweaking any disasters, but as film for these things is reasonable you can just pop it in your pocket and try again

But for peace of mind for our customers we will stick to using our modern days SLRS to ensure we get things right when required and if necessary tweak and remove any problems or even swap eyes from the blinkers to make sure we supply all the images that are right for our clients.

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