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With the great advances in the world with technology and the vast array of digital cameras and the many apps and programmes now available it is now easier than ever for people to set themselves up and start a photography business. Gone are the days of film photography where the pressure was on to make sure you captured that perfect image and pray there were no blinkers as this would only be found when processing the images in a dark room and then it was to late.

But now with the world wide web customers now have the ability to look for feedback on a business or a service before they book and this is even more important when it comes to photography as you need to be sure your special day or event won't be ruined by poor photographs and even worse dodgy editing

Please see the image below (click image to see full article) of a families experience in America that went viral and this whole experience cost them 250 dollars. It is true anyone can take a photograph but editing the images to make sure they are perfect and are everything your clients want is a skill and takes time and experience. Swapping eyes from one photo to another to solve a blink or removing a sign or drain cover to removing a photo bombing guest, to making sure the lighting and shadows are correct to stop people look they are floating etc. take time, photoshop is a good tool in the right hands.

So our advice is make sure you check before you book, we are always more than happy to visit customers and show them numerous examples of our work which can also be viewed on our Facebook page and website, along with numerous customer reviews so you can be confident that you will get high quality edited images that won't make you look like cartoon characters.

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